About Company

Crystal Vision India is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company established in 2007 with an aim to provide cost effective and reliable products, systems and solutions to our valuable clients. Since inception, team Crystal Vision have delivered no.of instruments and systems successfully to industries, Govt.organizations, OEMs and end users in India and abroad. We maintain 100% legal compliance in terms of necessary registrations, on-time paying of govt. taxes, duties, filing of tax returns, employee's insurance cover and maintaining of records at right place. We have valid PAN, GST, TIN, MSME Udyam and Import Export registrations.


To manufacture and deliver best quality products to clients in line with their specifications as well as per applicable design and testing standards. To maintain client and employee friendly positive, ethical, professional and high performance work and team culture at every stage of product design, development, manufacturing, testing and after sales service.


While Concept to Commissioning is our speciality, we also work closely with OEM clients and end users by offering customized products and services to cover their requirement in total! This has been possible with qualified and experienced team deployed by us. Our team has always been biggest asset and have been part of our success and growth over the years. Continuous improvement of manufacturing process, product quality, company performance and employee's empowerment is planned and achieved through group discussions, feedbacks, necessary trainings, in-house technical sessions and one to one discussions as the case may be. HR and Safety policy is in place which provides clear guidelines to all employees in terms of their performance in line with company mission.

Quality Assurance Systems

Documented Quality assurance plans and format of check lists for all the item categories are in place which cover all quality checks and documents as per applicable IS/IEC standard's. All instruments are ensured to be always accurate in terms of type of check. All instruments and gauges used for quality checks are ensured to have valid calibration certificate always. All the quality documents viz. Internal Quality Check Lists, Test Certificates and reports submitted by the vendors as well as Acceptance, deviation and / or rejection reports are preserved as per Quality Control procedure and documents.

At every stage of manufacturing strict Quality measures are adopted to ensure manufacturing of defect free part and meeting client's requirement 100%. Once the job is completed, the same is offered for quality and performance check according to applicable Quality Plan / Drawing / Document / IS/IEC standard. Routine tests are carried out on 100% jobs, also checked and ensured that the manufactured job is as per approved drawing and documents. A final inspection report is prepared and based on the results, job is either accepted or rejected. Accepted jobs are either cleared for dispatch or offered for client's inspection as the case may be. In case of client's or Third party inspection, same is handled with due care and finally job is cleared for dispatch once it is accepted and cleared by the client.

Customer Service

Prompt and customer friendly after sales service has been a part of work culture and essence of business ethics. We believe that customers are backbone of our business. They are the key to our success in the present and future. Our ears and eyes are always open to listen and understand the customer feedbacks complaints. All service calls are handled with due care. Our service team has been prompt, proactive and positive in terms of attending customer calls and complaints. A detail rootcause analysis followed corrective action is carried out every time to reduce and minimize site and field issues.

Research and Development

Crystal Vision India's research team works towards continuous improvement and up-gradation of man, machine and method. For this matter latest available techniques, design and testing software's are used. Cost reduction by value engineering, to create a lasting competitive advantage and continuous product up-gradation to meet the requirements of demanding customers today and tomorrow is the main motto behind the research and development task.