Crystal Vision India's End-to-End Standalone Technology driven Water Management System handles entire supply cycle right from incoming water supply up to the last point of delivery, completely automatically.

Standard set consists of a set of Battery operated License free radio frequency wireless tank level transmitters, mains operated automated valves, Signal booster units and a Pump and valve controller unit.

Water filling cycle starts when water level in any of the overhead tanks goes below 50% and pump is triggered ON. Automated valve shuts off water supply when individual overhead tank is full and Pump is shut off when all tanks are 100% full.

Similarly water delivery from the overhead tanks is also controlled enabling 100% control over water consumption in the supply network. For abnormal circumstances there is always manual override option. Water Flowmeters fitted at desired locations provide real time consumption data, making water supply planning and implementation of water accounting techniques easy. System comes with customized cloud based monitoring and control feature. Using cloud computing platform, operators and management team can monitor and control the entire supply network remotely over internet through their own gadgets. SMS and mail alerts provide continuous update, eliminate physical presence and site visits for full time tracking.

Thus system avoids wastage, manual errors and helps reduce water management cost substantially. Offering complete value for money, Crystal Vision offers best quality field tested and market proven products backed by prompt after sales service with a very attractive payback period of 12 to 24 months. Today Crystal Vision’s Smart Water Automation systems are helping many leading IT, pharmaceutical, food and process industries, hospitals, commercial complexes, railway authorities and townships to exercise excellent control over cost of water management and usage.
If 'Establishing Water Discipline' Is Your Mission…Then Realize It Truly With Crystal Vision!