FLRT-11-ULT is designed for measurement of flow rate & totalized water flow in open ducts and channels. It can be adapted to any type of weir or flume.


Two piece design, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter and Flow Computer
Adaption to any kind of standard or nonstandard weirs and flumes
Facility to calibrate the Input range in nonlinear scale up to 100 steps
TFT screen Display with touch screen operation and settings
Built in totalizer function
Built in RTC with data memory of 1 to 24 months data log subject to data log frequency
Data Logger function with 1GB memory, USB Port to retrieve the data locally
Optional digital output of RS485 Modbus RTU protocol
Optional analogue output of 4 to 20 mA corresponding to flow rate
Multiple AC & DC Supply system options 12V DC, 24V DC, 230V AC.
Auxiliary supply of 12V DC, 24V DC for external sensor is available
Optional RTU function with wireless GSM and GPRS communication
Flow Reporter software available for remote monitoring, configuration and data retrieval from multiple locations


FLRT-11-ULT is used for measurement and recording of flow in public and industrial sewage plants. It is also installed to measure and record flow thru open channels, streams & rivers. Can be used as Flow Data Logger cum RTU with Wireless Data Acquisition system.


When FLRT-11-ULT flow meter is installed across open canal or stream, it can measure, calculate & totalize the flow based on one of the two following principles

Programmed formulas for different dimensions of the most common flumes and weirs such as Cut Throat, Parshall flumes and V-notch weirs based on ISO 1438
In case of Flow measurement on the basis of Area Velocity calculation, Input range can be programmed in nonlinear scale up to 100 steps